As each year, we again invite you to send in your scientific abstracts. The deadline for submission is now set at 19/04/2024, so still sufficient time to make this work. An experienced jury will then make its selection by 06/05/2024.

All selected abstracts will be presented at the congress and if presented, published in a peer reviewed journal. During the congress, eight selected abstracts will be part of the top abstracts session and of these, one will be chosen as winner, also presenting his work during the closing session. The final winner thus awaits much glory and a 300 euro in cash.

Submitting an abstract is easy -just mail it to abstracts@besedim.be. Be aware thought that we only accept abstracts that are in the correct format and have a correct title. The abstract needs to be written in English of sufficient quality (if in doubt, please ask a colleague to check).

The abstract needs to be sent in the following format, abstracts that do not have the format will be sent back to be corrected before presentation.

Use only Word files (docx) and save them in the following way:

  • Name of the document: Surname first author_abstract 1_title_date of version e.g. VandeVoorde_titel of abstract_abstract2_220124

The abstract file itself needs to have (OBLIGATORY for acceptance!):

  • Title: bold and Calibri 14.

  • Authors + affiliations + contact e-mail address: Calibri 10, please mark the presenting author if not the first author.

  • introduction - methods/setting – results – discussion – references: (use what is applicable for your abstract) - subtitles underlined and Calibri 12
  • Full text Calibri 12 and fully outlined from left to right (ctrl + A and ctrl + J) - max. 500 words
  • A maximum of 2 figures and/or tables
  • A maximum of 5 references in Calibri 10

Please be aware that we can only accept case reports if they present an ED problem rarely reported and of interest to all ED physicians.